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Thanks and God bless you. Please feel free to reach us at 

Tel: +27 62 378 9045

If you would like to make financial donations to this cause, please find details below

Account Name: - The Kingdom TV

Account Number: - 62778864051

Bank: - First National Bank (South Africa)

Branch Code: - 200912

Swift Code: - FIRNZAJJ​

We Need You!

We have been using the Social Media platforms to share our content for a while. We now have a wonderful opportunity to take it to the next level by having our content available on Roku TV, Amazon Fire TV, iPhone, Apple TV, Android Phone as well as our own dedicated app. This development will enable us share our content with a wider audience worldwide.


We also seek to set up our own production and broadcasting studio here in Cape Town, South Africa which will be equipped with the basic equipment needed to produce quality video content. With the proposed funds, we will equally cover the usual overhead production costs including internet provision to help us stream unhindered. 


We are trusting that you can partner with us and help us realize our vision of taking the Gospel and Godly entertainment to the ends of the earth. 


We promise to be accountable and can assure you that your generous donations will be used to good use. 

We Need You!


So far, a lot of the content has been produced by a few devoted staff but we believe that God is taking us to the next level, we need volunteers who are willing to use their talents and gifts for the furtherance of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to partner and work with us. We need

  1. Script Writers

  2. Camera Men/Women

  3. Video Editors

  4. Presenters

  5. Graphic Designers

  6. Animators

  7. Motion Designers

  8. Content generators

  9. Program Hosts

  10. IT Specialists

  11. Directors and Producers

  12. And lots More... 


We also need people who have Creative Ideas to join the team. We welcome people who want to support us financially to procure our operational tools, studio and studio equipments.

Thanks and God bless you for your support.

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