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"Good News by any means necessary"



We live in very crucial times when most of the media is heavily manipulated to control and influence how we think and live. Most mainstream media content is manipulated to project and authenticate an ideology that is usually anti-God and anti-Christ. The airwaves are saturated with contents that could derail even the elect. At The Kingdom TV, we believe that we have been called and commissioned by God to be the light in our generation. 

The Kingdom TV (TKTV) is presently an online Christian platform dedicated to providing access to multimedia contents about the Kingdom of God. Our resources are inspirational, edifying, educating and entertaining with the sole aim of propagating the Gospel of Jesus Christ and promoting Godly values. 


TKTV was founded by Michael Ebere Chidubem, a multimedia artist and launched officially on July 1, 2015 as a Facebook Page. TKTV is a response to the avalanche of online contents that are tactically designed to attack the core of Christianity. The 'world' is always busy creating content that are contrary to Christian values. Their plan is to present sin as a very ‘entertaining’ package and in the process, deceive as many as possible. We now see contents that promote the glorification of witchcraft, lust, sodomy, violence and so many other negative vices.


Our goal at TKTV is to let people know that there is a better way. We do not have to sell our souls and destiny at the altar of evil entertainment. We believe that people can get entertained, educated and edified while watching and listening to Godly Christian content.

Vision Statement


Our Mission

Our mission is to produce and disseminate Christian multimedia content that are edifying, educating and entertaining.


Our Vision

To ensure that all available multimedia tools are employed in sharing and spreading the unadulterated Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world in order to promote Godly values and God-consciousness.  


Our Slogan

“Good news by any means necessary”



We are committed to excellence in content creation so as to properly showcase and represent our Lord and Master Jesus Christ who is perfectionism defined. 


Our Content

We shall make our contents encompassing such that it includes a wide range of programming that includes…  

  1. Music

  2. Interviews

  3. Movies

  4. Bible Games

  5. News updates

  6. Health

  7. Sermons

  8. Testimonies

  9. etc.

Join Us!

The Kingdom TV is simply a platform and a repository that houses Godly content. If you would like to share videos, writings, sermons, etc., kindly make contact and we would be more than happy to speak with you regarding this.


The Kingdom TV is registered as a Non-Profit Organization based in the beautiful city of Cape Town, South Africa.


Registration Number: - 2018/267831/08

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2010 - present
2010 - present
The Kingdom TV
The Kingdom TV
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