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Music Audio Release Form


I confirm that I hold the copyright in the recording of the soundtrack of the following music audio

* Required fields

1.  I/we hereby grant THE KINGDOM TV permission to telecast the said music audio on their television channel and on the web, for the
     territory of the entire world

2.  I/we also authorise the use of the music video by THE KINGDOM TV in any associated programs or promotional material
     produced or commissioned by THE KINGDOM TV

3.  I/we hereby indemnify THE KINGDOM TV from any third party claims of infringement of copyright on usage of audio samples,
     visuals or any other form of usage of the said music audio

4.  These rights are granted free of cost for publicity purposes, in perpetuity

* Authorized Signatory

* Contact Details of Signatory

(If sending multiple songs, Paste video links separately with titles and basic song information)

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