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Tim Feder
Kristiina Brask
Travis Greene
Enitan Adaba
Nathaniel Bassey

we are happy to share your music

Thank you for your willingness to share your music with the world through The Kingdom TV. We believe that together, we shall do exploits for the Kingdom of God. We would like to get formal permission that enables us to share your music video.



Firstly, we would love to receive your video for evaluation for use on the channel. We hope this form will help you understand the process.



Would you be happy for us to download these songs?

Are they uploaded in HD on YouTube? If so, could you fill out the release form (link below), along with links to the videos.


You can also send the songs to us using WeTransfer

Send to


Remember, sending the name and title of your song is not enough. We need the link to your video. If the quality is not high enough you will need to post them to us.



On the link below you will find a one-page release form, which needs to be completed and sent with your music video (or online link). This is a release form from you, which allows The Kingdom TV to play your music video(s) on all our media platforms.


Please check that you've included everything listed below in your submission.

  1.  Completed information about your song which includes name, year of release and label if applicable.

  2.  Scanned or emailed copies of your picture (or album art) are required. Please make sure your music video is clearly labelled so we can match 
     them up with the images sent.

  3.  A copy of your identification document, driver's license or passport MUST be sent.

  4.  Send us a link to your music video on YouTube or the hard copy on CD/DVD. You can also send via WeTransfer.

  5.  You are welcome to submit any additional information such as a biography, producer’s details, etc.



The Kingdom TV will not be able to use your music video if you do not complete the form below,  with a copy of the official photo identification.


If you have multiple submissions, you need to fill out the one-page release form for each music video/DVD that you are submitting.



After you’ve submitted your video, we will evaluate for use on our platforms. We will look at audio and visual quality, content of lyrics and overall message. If it meets our criteria, we will add it to our track list. Once your video is added to our track list, it is available to be play-listed.



If you have any further enquiries regarding your submission, please direct these to the email addresses below:

You download the form, fill and send to us or simply complete it online

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