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7 Signs of a Healthy church

By Bronwyn Marcus

There is no perfect church. We know this because John wrote letters to the churches in Revelation 2-3 and each church had some issues that were counted against them. We can learn from them.

Seven Signs - The Kingdom TV

Preach Jesus

Ephesusforsook their first love. Let us not do that! Jesus is the vine and we are the branches! He is the good news! Everything in centered around Him. We must preach Jesus and Share the message of the gospel that He bore our sins and took our death upon Himself that we might have life eternal!. If A church is not preaching this, it is just a Ted Talk or motivational theater.

Active in the community

Matthew 5:13-16talks about being the salt and the light in the world! We need to be making a difference in society! Churches should be impacting their communities. Making a real dent, bringing light to dark places, changing lives.

Praying Church

Acts 1:14and 2:42says they devoted themselves to prayer. 1 Thessalonians 5:17says to pray without ceasing. A praying church acknowledges their human weakness and need for God. That way God can intervene. It shows we are not relying on mans effort or wisdom but on God’s power.


In Acts, in the days of the early church we see that God added to their number daily those who were being saved. Your church should attract visitors, not with aesthetics, nice buildings, or good coffee but the people in your church should radiate Jesus! That is what will draw people in. Hypocrites are easily detected! Lip service won’t do it either. People want to see actions not words!

Unity in the body

Phil 2:2“then make my joy complete by being like-minded, having the same love, being one in spirit and of one mind”.Where there is unity, God commands a blessing. He calls us to bear with one another in love. The church is made up of messy people, all with varying opinions. It is good to have good and clear, vision and values. Disputes should be handled as biblically as possible…applying ‘Matthew 18 principles.’

Fruit in peoples lives

If we are talking about being healthy, there needs to be fruit in peoples lives. There needs to be change, inward growth and maturity. Colossians 1:10tells us to ‘bear fruit in every good work’.


Generosity is a sure sign of a healthy church. Jesus said “WHEN,”you give to the poor, not “IF”(Matthew 6:2-3) Giving is an act of worship. Be a cheerful giver, not for men to see but because God requires it of you.


Proverbs 29:18says“Where there is no vision, My people perish”. Leaders are vital, they need to be spirit-filled and able to be humble and serve. Ezekiel 34talks very strongly of shepherds of the Church being held to high account for leading the sheep. There needs to be accountability amongst believers. No one should be above reproach. All can be corrected and the flock need to be teachable.

An unhealthy church looks inward. Doesn't embrace change and stagnates like a pond breeding algae. A healthy church looks outward. It’s like a River! It’s flowing and breaking new grounds. Remember, the chuch is made up of people like you. It’s up to each one of us to ensure a church is healthy. Each by being in relationship with Jesus, walking in the Spirit daily and using their gifts.

Written by Bronwyn Marcus, a mother, wife, teacher and freelance writer. If this article has blessed you, please feel free to share and post your comments below.

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1 Comment

Crystal Russell
Crystal Russell
Aug 03, 2018

great tip on checking or when you are looking for a church. I love that I an look at my church and see these things. I am so thank for my church and the leadership here.

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