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Sometime in May of 2017, Seyi Agbelusi approached me and inquired about the vision of The Kingdom TV. He immediately bought into the vision pledgeing his full support and committing his time, resources, finances and prayers into making sure that this vision is upheld.

He gave quality time into this vision. Traveling in and out of Maryland (USA) many times just to ensure we can stream some events live. Seyi also anchored the MELODY VERSE SERIES.


He will be sorely missed. 

Tribute to Seyi Agbelusi

Michael Chidubem and The Kingdom TV Crew.

I thought someone was trying to play a late APRIL FOOL on me when I heard about your transition. Even at that, it was an ‘uncomfortable joke’ and I felt a physical pain on hearing the news. I was editing a text recently and it is surprising that I have to use the phrase ‘WAS’ in describing you because we recently talked and joked about so many things. We both supported Manchester United and we shared similar political affiliation.  


At times like this, some people are under pressure and compelled to say nice things when describing a departed loved one. For you Seyi, it is absolutely easy for me. In the short time that we met, you imparted my life positively in many ways. You are one of a kind. You stand out uniquely.  You are part of my history. 


You were the first person to approach me in the US to see how you can build my first website for FREE. You also came to me at a crucial time to offer support for THE KINGDOM TV (TKTV). Your support was not just kind words, advice… it was also financial. You gave your time and resources. Looking back at the time we spent, I guess you suspected that the time was short. You were so much in a hurry to do so much for God. You loved the Lord and His work without any reservations. You would readily and quickly jump at any opportunity to do any work that promotes the gospel. 


You took me as your brother. You accommodated me before I left the US. You prayed with me. You supported me. You believed in me and my talents. We laughed together. We shared the word together. We prayed together. We quarreled and made up. I told you not to sing around me because of you cannot hold a note. You confidently sang off-key which tormented my ears greatly. You took voice training lessons and even wrote some songs that (God-willing) we shall produce soon. I could go on and on.


You are one guy that I can confidently say came, saw and conquered. You truly loved the Lord to whom you have returned. We started the MELODY-VERSE SERIES together and your legacy lives on. You gave me countless advice about The Kingdom TV. I have taken them to heart and God-willing shall implement them with the team. Your impact on TKTV and the team is irreplaceable. Your absence is painfully obvious.


It is painful. It is painful. You left behind a caring wife, Gbemi and two beautiful children Daniella and Samuel whom you adored and cherished. It is painful. Perhaps, our only consolation is that you are with our maker. The King whom you love; prayed and sang to daily. Sleep on brother. We miss you.


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Seyi Agbelusi
Seyi Agbelusi
The Kingdom TV crew
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Seyi and Gbemi
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Seyi Agbelusi
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Seyi Agbelusi
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Seyi Agbelusi
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