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By Kufreh Daniel

As I scrolled through my social media news feed, I discovered that the #BBN Naija show was seriously trending on all social media platform world-wide. I also discovered that the only Christian concert trending was the #Experience and the only popular talent show for our young ones is the talent show known as #God’s Children Got Talent (GCGT)

In the Christian society right now, I strongly believe that there is still wisdom, knowledge and understanding in the body of Christ. Therefore, we need to be more creative in the way we package the gospel of Jesus Christ. God’s Children Got Talent (GCGT) is a good talent platform for the young generation. Kudos to RCCG City of David (COD) for providing such an amazing platform. We certainly need more Christian platforms in the society so that our youths, children, teenagers and adults will not engage themselves in other platforms that do not glorify God.

As Christians, we also need to organize shows that create awareness about Jesus in our country. Furthermore, we need to create our own gospel award shows to encourage our gospel artists with Awards such as:

  • Best gospel artist

  • Best gospel director

  • Best gospel producer

  • Next gospel rated

Many young adults have been waiting for Christians platforms, but due to the lack of such opportunities, most young people go elsewhere singing, dancing, drawing and performing comedy at other non-Christian shows.

Based on my research, statistics show that we have the richest pastors in the world, the biggest churches, and captains of industries who are highly respected and well known. It leaves me curious about the number of Christians who have stood and fought for Christians films and television stations, such as Mount Zion or Heavenly Gate TV to be on DSTV, GOTV, STAR TIMES and other media platforms. My research may be limited because I am a member of RCCG, so I am mostly familiar with Dove TV.

Lastly, let’s remember that good leaders do not just produce followers, but great leaders also produce other good leaders. Some of the good leaders which we all know in the Christian Faith include:

  • Pastor E.A. Adeboye

  • Bishop David Oyedepo

  • Pastor Tony Rapu

  • Pastor David Ibiuymie

  • Pastor Ben Akabueze

  • Pastor Chris Oyakilome

  • Pastor Idowu illuyomade

  • Pastor Kufreh Udoh

  • Pastor Cyrian Orakpo and other anointed men of God.

It is time for Christians from churches all over Nigeria to come together and create a gospel platform for children, the youths and adults. My prayer is that we do not lose our children, youths and adults to unholy platforms that do not glorify God.

My name is Kufreh Daniel and I call on all Christians to stand up and do something about this issue.

#Grow Gospel Talent (GGT)

#Gospel As A Platform For Entertainments (GPE).

Please post your thoughts and comments below. God bless you. Written by Kufreh Daniel for The Kingdom TV.

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