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Keep the Faith. Be Encouraged.

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

by Dr. Seun Oyekola

Faith ….. Does not deny limitations, it defies them (Rom. 4:18-21). Does not call those things that are as though they are not, it calls those things that be not as though they were (Rom.4:17). Does not avoid issues it addresses them (Mk. 11:23). Does not emphasize the problem it prophesies the solution (Ez. 37:2-6; 1 Sam. 17:46-47). Is not blind, it sees the invisible (Heb. 11:1). Is not deaf, it listens to the still small voice (Rom. 10:17) In God, will change your fate in life if you faint not in heart (Luke. 18:1)

He's always there.

Because you don't see His hands or feel His touch doesn't mean He's hiding from you. He's only working behind the scenes to make things good.

Because the present seems depressing doesn't mean the future will not be exciting; you just have to keep trusting the one that holds the future.

Because the dream seems unrealistic and the goals seem unreachable do not mean all you've envisaged is only a figment of your imagination; don't stop dreaming.

God is still in the business of making something out of nothing!


Dr. Seun Oyekola is based in Cape Town and is a Lecturer at Cape Peninsular University of Technology (CPUT), Cape Town, South Africa.

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