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By Judy Diko

Has anyone ever asked you questions about God or about your Faith? We all know and have heard a lot about the importance of prayer, and the power that lies in prayer. There are many reasons why people pray. But have you ever thought of or really studied to know more about the God that you pray to? Do you really know Him intimately?

I asked myself these questions as well. This led me to find out more about God’s Character. What are the key attributes of His Character? What qualities does He possess other than the ones that I know and have been taught from my childhood years?

The first way to understand His Character is by studying His Word. In addition to studying my bible coupled with a bit of research as well, I was quite surprised by the number of descriptions and traits that I found about God’s character. Based on my finding, I came to realize that His Characteristics are MATCHLESS and INCOMPARABLE!

My search led me to develop a list of key words which describes a few of God’s Characteristics namely:

a) God is Wisdom

b) God is Infinite

c) God is Sovereign

d) God is Holy

e) God is Trinity

f) God is Omniscience

g) God is Faithful

h) God is Love

i) God is Omnipotent

j) God is Self-Existing

k) God is Self-Sufficient

l) God is Justice

m)God is Immutable

n) God is Mercy

o) God is Eternal

p) God is Goodness

q) God is Gracious

r) God is Omnipresent

Written by Judy Diko for The Kingdom TV.

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