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Dedicated to the memory of

Reverend Emmanuel Ejimole Nwosu

(September 13, 1939 - March 31, 2021)

Tributes from Family


This tribute to my Late Uncle, Father and Confidant is encapsulated in the words of William Shakespeare that " Happiness is like a perfume you can't spray it on others without having a feel of it". 

Yes. Papa O was a good man in and out. He used all his resources in life to serve God which to my mind is the whole duty of man on Earth. Anyone who comes in contact with him whether as a biological relation, townsman or Christian brethren experienced the touching effect of his prayers, wise counsels, love and humility. He lived what he preached for and the challenges of life couldn't deter him. 

To him, God was the ultimate and those who came in contact with him shared the same experience, hence, he manifested the gifts and bears the total fruit of the Spirit in his journey of life on earth.......Oh what a blend! There is time for everything and today, PAPA O has gone home peacefully to join the Saints - what a sweet transition?  As mortals, we feel his departure but the legacies he left behind has already formed a memorial for him and humanity. PAPA'S CORNER HALL, at the TREM HEAQUARTERS in Lagos.     


Adieu to a good man - role model and mentor. Sleep on and rest in the bosom of your Creator eternally.          


Your favourite. 

Mazi Sam U. Nwosu


Daddy you have been a lovely father to your family. So caring that, during your life time, no week passes without your calling and prayers for the welfare of the family.  How about your birthday wishes? This is because of your knowledge of the date and birthdays, of everything in the family. We will miss all these and your fatherly counsels. Thank God you left a legacy of teaching us to trust God in everything which is the best gift a father can give to his children. We have this assurance that you are already resting in the bosom of your creator. 

SLEEP ON PAPA O! SLEEP ON PAPA JOSEPH, till we meet to part no more.

Adieu! Your daughter in-law.

Theodora.........and grandchildren........Great, Bright, Gift and Praise Samuel U. Nwosu.

TRIBUTE TO MY IN-LAW           . 

It was a sad day when we learnt of your demise. Sad, because losing you means a great fathered in-law has gone. Papa your affection knew no bounds. You have always stood for what is good. In fact, you were a practical Christian. As you journey back to your Creator of creation, we say all glory, honour, majesty and thanksgiving be unto our God Almighty in Jesus name, Amen. Adieu.


Engr. Frank Uchenna Okoye,

(In-law from Abagana)

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