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Dedicated to the memory of

Reverend Emmanuel Ejimole Nwosu

(September 13, 1939 - March 31, 2021)


"I miss you"

It's so difficult to believe that you are no more. There's no one I can call Papo anymore. You were so caring as a grand dad. We had a good relationship. Your calls and prayers meant a lot to me as I looked forward to them every day that passes by. Now you are gone. It breaks my heart and at the same time, I know you are in a better place "Papo". I'll always love you.


Your First grand baby.

Chidinma Osunkwo


"Sleep on Papa"

You were a father to many. A teacher to many, and loved by many... You taught me why it’s important to never leave the place of God no matter what we are going through in life.


Keep resting in the bosom of our Lord.

Peace Ugbade


"I love you Papo"

Papo, growing up to hear amazing stories about you always brought smiles to my face. I will forever relish the words of wisdom you spoke the few times I got to spend with you. You chose a clear path of honesty and integrity, one which I always strive to emulate.

Your demise though sad, is a gain to heaven and a transition to glory we celebrate. You took out time to bless and anoint me the last time I saw you, I am indeed convinced that I have been commissioned to go and conquer, surpass your great works and make you proud.

We will miss you Papo. You fought like the warrior that you are. I am eternally grateful that our paths crossed. Rest In the bosom of the Lord Sir. Until we meet when time and age is not a factor, then we will unite to part no more. I love you Papo.

Your Grandson

Inji Chinonso Micheal.

"Rest in Peace... Pap0"

In everything give thanks to God Almighty. I really appreciate God for what He has done for the life of my family and life of my grandparents. Papo has gone and there is no doubt that he is in heaven because he lived a good and Godly life.

I experienced Papa in a way. I knew Papo to be self-disciplined and always have a good heart. No matter what happen, he never pays evil with evil. I learnt in his last days it’s always good to bless with the words of your mouth no matter the condition or what’s happening. I miss him. I am going to miss him very much.


Thank you so much for marrying a good, loving and caring woman and also given birth to a wonderful, glorious woman… my mother one of your daughters.Rest in peace.. Papo.

Michael Chukwuemeka Osunkwo

Mike Osunkwo.jpeg

"Adieu Grandpa"

Papo, I remember the short time you spent with us in Abuja, the way you took care of me even when you were supposed to be resting. Every time you call my mummy on the phone you will always ask "what of chair?".


The prayers and love that you showered on me is what gives me strength every day. I love you and will miss you sir. Rest in Power.

Your Grandson. 

Inji Joseph Chisom (CHAIRMAN)

Joseph chisom Inji.jpeg

"Rest on Grandpa"

To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:  A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted; (Ecclesiastes 3:1-2 KJV)

I pray for your continual Rest in the bosom of the Lord. Good night PAPO.

Daniel Inji

Daniel Onyekachi Inji.jpeg

To my Grand Father

(*signs) * Where do I even start from right now? It still seems like a BIG JOKE that you are gone. I remember hearing the news of your death which came as a shock to me on that Wednesday morning. It sounded unbelievable to me; I didn't even know how to react whether to cry or not. It was so sad for me because that which I greatly feared had befallen me. I then remembered the memories we had together as a family 'father to child' even the funny ones (laughs) I remember those times I and Onome would want something from you and we would have to rehearse our lines so we don't mess up and ruin our chances.  We would always start with "Papo, God will bless you. You will be rich in Jesus' name" (laughs) then we would say our request OR when you were in Gusau with us and I would hide the remote oh! I hope you forgive my silly-self back then, and many other memories.

But my greatest joy is that you are in a place far better than here. You will be greatly and dearly missed by us family members. Thank you for your positive impact in our lives. Your purpose here has been achieved you can finally rest now. Good night now till we meet again to never depart from each other. FAREWELL PAPO.

Victor Uzoma

Victor Uzoma.jpeg

"Sleep on Papa"

Death to me is really a confusing fact. The pain and emptiness it leaves within. But in all, Papo, death for you is a celebration of the life of a WARRIOR. Papo you really fought a good fight and I am happy you won as a strong man whom I have known you for. I am consoled knowing you have gone to be with your Maker. Sleep on grandpa..

Adaeze Onwuegbu

Adaeze Onwuegbu

"To my Grandpa"

My journey with my grandfather ended March 31st, 2021. You taught me a lot of things. Papa was a quiet man who doesn’t like disturbing anybody. He was a kind and generous man who doesn't hold back.


There was no equivocation in his life. Life and death are in the hands of God. He gave you to us and has taken you at His appointed time. Goodnight Papo and I believe we shall meet again. 

Chiamaka Onwuegbu

Chiamaka Onwuegbu

"Rest Grandpa"

Papo was a good man. He was loving and he love to help people. Papo was so kind to everybody. Papo was like a father to me. He always cares for his family he was very good.  I love Papo with all my heart he was so good. I remember when Papo will always say “Mimi come and read the bible for me”, and he will always bless me. Papo was so kind to me and he was not bad like other people. Papo impacted so many lives. He worked very hard to take care of his wife and children and he loved them so much. May his soul rest in peace.

Michelle Stephen 

(Your special grandchild)


"Special Grandpa"

My one and only grandfather, the bus finally arrived. Even though I didn't spend much years with you but you taught me a lot as a teacher you are.


You were kind, generous, strong and humble. And all these I have learnt from you. You also advise us on the way of the Lord. You will remain in my heart till we meet again. Your grandson 

Kelechi Onwuegbu

Kelechi Onwuegbu

"To my Grand-dad"

My tribute to my grandfather (Papo) Papo was a good man and he was nice to me. Papo was a good teacher. Papo likes listening to music. He told me when he was young he plays football. Papo loves me very much. From Mirabel Stephen

Mirabel Stephen 

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