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Dedicated to the memory of

Reverend Emmanuel Ejimole Nwosu

(September 13, 1939 - March 31, 2021)


Late Reverend Emmanuel Ejimole Nwosu popularly known as ‘PAPA’ by friends and ‘PAPO’ by his immediate family was born on September 13, 1939 in Amaukwa Local government area of Arochukwu in Abia state, Nigeria. The beginning of his sojourn on earth is a story that could pass as a Nollywood hit. His father was an inter-state trader while his mother was a home keeper. Both parents died shortly after he was born. As a result of this sudden catastrophe, he grew up with his Aunt (known as Mama Nkpa) who nurtured and cared for him. He was an only child from his parents.



He would eventually return to Arochukwu in 1949 to study at CSM Primary School, Ilechiowa and later at CSM Primary School, Ikot Ana, Cross River between 1950 - 1951. With no immediate family member and funds to maintain a regular and steady upkeep, his education was staggered across various schools.

  • Standard two in 1952 at CSM Primary School, Ututu Arochukwu LG

  • Standard three in 1953 at CSM Primary School, Ohafia

  • Standard four in 1954 at CSM Obinkita Arochukwu

  • Standard five and six in 1955-1956 at CSM Primary School, Itu, Cross River


In 1957, he proceeded to Aba to live with his ‘second senior brother’  Mazi Uwaezuoke Nwosu now late, a tailor by profession, he died in 1962.

In 1963, he was left alone in Aba not knowing what to do next. With his back to the wall, he started asking the tough life’s questions and this led him to start searching for God. In his words, he said “…God is my last bus stop in life, thanks be to God who did not allow me to associate with those big boys of the town”.

One of his late brother’s friend had pity on him and took him in as a houseboy. He started to serve someone young enough to be his age mate because of the harsh financial conditions he was dealing with at the time. He served with all his heart and did what was expected of him. He was promised a monthly salary of ten shillings. However, it was just a mere promise and he did not receive any payment for three years that he served. Only God knows why.



In search of God, he later joined a White-garment-church (Church of the Lord, Aladura) because that was in vogue at that time in Lagos and Imo States. He served in the church from 1963 till 1983. He remained submissive and humble, serving the church as the Assistant Pastor for twenty years. The church would eventually transfer him and the senior pastor to Monrovia, Liberia to work for two years (1967-1969 December). This was a life-transforming experience. It was during this time that God provided him with a beautiful… fine lady, Miss. Christiana Asantua Anderson. They would eventually tie the knot in holy matrimony on the 25th of May, 1969 in Monrovia. In his words, Papo wrote “… see the big God and His mercy and love to an orphan like me”

Below is an excerpt of the actual writings of late Reverend Emmanuel Nwosu.

“Indeed, it pays to serve God, who knows how to repay his sons. It came to my mind to resign from my former church to go over to a Pentecostal church which were very few then.  The best option for me then was to find a good Bible school to be trained as a Pastor. The Lord provided one for me namely Trinity College of Ministerial Arts (TRICOMA) in Aba, Abia State. By the grace of God, I became trained for two years, which gained me a Diploma Certificate in Theology. I became born again in the College in 1981.

After my salvation, Reverend Ojeniyi, my teacher in Doctrine while in school took me to Reverend Mike Okonkwo. I fasted and prayed before going to see him. I was afraid of his face but I loved him in my heart because of how he handled prayer sessions in Aba. Indeed, the ground was shaking. The Holy Spirit came upon many at TRICOMA, Aba. Because of the mercy and the love of God, Reverend Mike Okonkwo finally (and passionately) took me to work in TREM in the year 1983”.



After serving the ministry in Aba, he was posted to TREM’s Port Harcourt branch in 1984. He went ahead to set up the branch and his family eventually relocated from Aba to Port Harcourt to join him. In 1985, Reverend Nwosu and his family relocated again to Lagos to work at the then TREM Headquarters in Akoka, Lagos.

He suffered a stroke while on official duty to Aba in 1996 and that experience significantly impacted his performance level in the ministry.

Papa added “I stepped aside in 2006 because of ill health; all I know is that TREM is my church. In TREM, I worked In the Account Department (Tithes & Offering) with important members working with me. I taught in the Children Department and Marriage Counselling Department. I was involved in Baptism in those days. I also dubbed Bishop Mike Okonkwo’s cassettes for sale in those years too… and I did so many other things with joy, commitment and passion.”

Reverend Nwosu is so many things to so many people especially those who knew him in TREM’s formative years. He was a very committed Pastor who did not seek attention or recognition. His goal was to simply do what is right and acceptable in God’s sight. He was a very jovial and funny man who had a way of making everyone happy around him.

On Wednesday March 31st 2021, Reverend Emmanuel Ejimole Nwosu said these last words to his wife Deaconess Christiana Nwosu… “Thank you for everything. God bless you” and gave up the ghost peacefully at his home in Ketu.


He is survived by his wife, Deaconess Christiana Nwosu and his children Dr. Joseph Nwosu, Mrs. Ezinne Inji, Mrs. Ngozi Osunkwo, Dr. Michael Chidubem, Mrs. Victoria Onwuegbu, Mrs. Esther Stephens and Mr. Nnamdi Nwosu as well as many grandchildren.

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